Production House

It is the assistance of our machines that is enabling us to deliver high-quality Ferrous Sulphide, Ferro Sulphur, Mica Iron Oxide, Pyrites, Iron Pyrite and other products. We keep on upgrading our production house in line with the technological advancements as we are growth-focused. Our entire unit is managed well by our professionals and every cell is unified with the necessary facilities.

Strong Team

It is the knowledge, skills and support of our professionals that are enabling our company to stand strong in the competitive market.

Why Choose Us?

The following are some reasons to choose our company to have business deals:

  • We offer assurance of quality on the products including Ferro Sulphur, Mica Iron Oxide, Ferrous Sulphide, Pyrites, Iron Pyrite, etc.
  • We timely deliver the order of customers at their doorstep and maintain transparency as well while dealing with them.
  • We charge rates that are impressive and fit the budget of esteemed customers.
  • We have the best infrastructural facilities that help us to deliver the best products. 
  • We give our best to develop a strong bond with our clients by serving them up as per their expectations. 

Strong Financial Company

Working since 2015, we have attained strong foothold in both Chinese and international markets by offering high quality Mica Iron Oxide, Pyrites, Ferrous Sulphide, Ferro Sulphur, Iron Pyrite, etc. We invest a handsome amount in upgrading our infrastructure so that we can always maintain a leading position in the market. We also have investors who are ready to invest in our company whenever required.

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